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Price: $30 — $3450
  • RM166.00


    Using Swiflet Bird Nest Hydropep Powder as the base, together with few natural ingredients as a booster and flavour; we developed the 1st On-the-Go bird nest drink in a sachet. The ‘Good-nest in Sachet is packed in an affordable portion that is easy to consume; just tear and sip, convenient and easy to carry it around.

    Swiflet Bird Nest Hydropep Powder is a natural food product, derived from 100% natural bird nest that is biotechnologically processed, optimized, designed and patented to extend shelf life and enhance the quality of this product, with more than 80% of soluble and bioavailable glycopeptides and oligopeptides. It can be used as a food ingredient, supplement or even cosmetic application.