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    Using Swiflet Bird Nest Hydropep Powder as the base, together with few natural ingredients as a booster and flavour; we developed the 1st On-the-Go bird nest drink in a sachet. The ‘Good-nest in Sachet is packed in an affordable portion that is easy to consume; just tear and sip, convenient and easy to carry it around.

    Swiflet Bird Nest Hydropep Powder is a natural food product, derived from 100% natural bird nest that is biotechnologically processed, optimized, designed and patented to extend shelf life and enhance the quality of this product, with more than 80% of soluble and bioavailable glycopeptides and oligopeptides. It can be used as a food ingredient, supplement or even cosmetic application.

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    Lunia Bird Nest Brightening and Hydration Facial Mask

    This particular facial mask is using the Bioactive Edible Bird Nest Powder which has been patented and is proven higher nutrient than extract or normal raw clean bird nest. It is also water-soluble which makes fast absorption giving better effect for brightening and hydration solutions.