The Lunia Brand

Using Swiftlet Bird Nest Hydropep Powder as the base, together with few natural ingredients as a booster and flavour; we developed the 1st On-the-Go bird nest drink in a sachet. The ‘Good-nest in Sachet’ is packed in an affordable portion that is easy to consume; just tear and sip, convenient and easy to carry it around. It comes in 2 versions:

Bird Nest Drink with Collagen


  1. Help improve skin rejuvenation, eczema, blood circulation (assist in reducing the risk of hypertension, migraine, period pain) and energy.
  2. High in antioxidant.
  3. Suitable for both men, women and children aged 6 years above.
  4. Other ingredient: Pomegranate, collagen, goji, honey, vitamin C, strawberry flavor.
  5. Women, for instance, will find their skin smoother and firmer.

Bird Nest Drink with Cordycep


  1. Highly recommended for men that needs the extra energy.
  2. High in antioxidant.
  3. Help improve blood circulation (assist in reducing risk of hypertension, migraine, kidney and heart problem) and energy booster.
  4. Other ingredient: Pomegranate, cordycep, similax myosotiflora, goji, collagen, honey, vitamin C, lemon flavor.
  5. For men, long-term consumption will rejuvenate and restore energy, boost immunity and enhance strength generally.