Frequently Asked Questions


What will I feel after consuming and how fast is the result?

Different person will have a different reaction. It varies depending on the hormone and illness criticality. Consumer will usually experience normal detox symptoms on the first few days of consumption (especially for first-time consumer). The nature of EBN is it will repair the person’s weakest point first, then rejuvenating it. Since SWIFTLET BIRD NEST HYDROPEP POWDER is high in nutrient, the reaction will be faster as it has better absorption.

Can high blood and diabetic consume?

Yes. It is highly recommended for diabetic to consume SWIFTLET BIRD NEST HYDROPEP POWDER for better result of blood sugar reduction and better glucose tolerance.

EBN may reduce the risk of cancer. How about those who already suffered from cancer?

Lunia Bird Nest Essential produces bird nest products that act as an additional food nutrient to promote healthy living and may reduce illnesses. It is not a medicine. Hence, it is recommended for consumers to consume Lunia Bird Nest Essential as prevention and reduce risk in the long term.

Are the products safe?

The products are natural and safe to consume; approved by Ministry of Health. Do refer to the other ingredients of Bird Nest Drink in Sachet, in case for any allergy.

How do you store?

Do not expose the product to sun. It is only suitable at room temperature.



Sialic Acid

Generic term of the acyl derivative of neuraminic acid. N-acetylneuraminic acid found to be the main sialic acid in Bird Nest. It acts as an antenna at the glycoproteins and glycolipids end of cell membrane, plays important functions in many cellular functions, preventing influenza infections and cellular fluid uptake. Food rich in sialic acid includes milk and egg yolk (0.2%) Powder (16.4%).

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)

Low molecular weight that stimulates cell growth and proliferation. In the human body, EGF is present in milk, saliva, urine, blood platelet and tears, which is important for cell differentiation. The decrease of EGF is age-related, thus it is contributing factor to aging. Replenishing of EGF may benefit the regeneration and normalization of aging cell functions. Bird Nest is well known for its rich content of EGF, with ultra-high pressure treatment.