Health issues starting to appear as early as early 30 or even younger. Nowadays, we see many people falling sick and contracting various illnesses and diseases in the modern society. This is due to the pace of work, stress from work and also caused by smoking and drinking. Hence, health problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure and it, starting to rise. According to worldwide statistics, the average lifespan of males is lesser by 2-3 years as compared to females.

Bird’s nest is considered one of the top nourishment products for all of us. It possesses properties of being able to strengthen our lungs and hearts, improve our stamina and kidney health, and at the same time nourish our skin.

Nowadays, many male celebrities also consume bird’s nest frequently to combat fatigue, keep them healthy and also to slow down aging. Celebrities like Jackie Chan, Aaron Kwok, Louis Koo, Simon Yam and etc are the examples of men who consume bird’s nest on a regular basis. There is also a report that Andy Lau always consume bird’s nest before his concert to help him maintain the energy to perform throughout his concerts.


In this current society, where there are a high number of smokers amongst all men, drinking alcohol is one of the things that men will do during social activities. Bird’s nest is actually one irreplaceable source of lungs nourishment, Long-term consumption of bird’s nest is extremely beneficial for all smokers, as it helps to “cleanse” the lungs


This is the most well-known health benefits for Bird’s Nest consumption. It is supposed to be a health/supplement food to beautify skin – primarily to retain youthfulness and obtain a clean and clear facial complexion. 


This is important if one has poor or slow digestion, especially seen among those who are convalescing (recovering from illness) and in children with poor appetites. Good nutrition is needed but with poor digestion, nutrients cannot be absorbed. Bird’s Nest can be easily digested by our digestive system, thus delivering good nutrients and thereby bringing back health to those who are weak.

The consumption of good quality bird’s nests is also known to have restored lung functions. It has also been known to help chronic cases of cough and asthma. People who have dry cough with periodic sputum stains (as seen in heavy smokers) may find the consumption of good quality bird’s nests beneficial. Extensive experience has indicated that regular consumption of bird’s nests can reduce the general need for medical attention.


Bird’s nest is good for working adults in this busy society as working overtime is a common thing, which will make people feeling very lethargic and drop in immunity levels. Hence, consuming bird’s nest helps to recover stamina, restores energy, and improves immunity because of its high nutritional value.


Pregnant mothers who consume bird’s nests have been known to recover faster after delivery, experience lesser loss of hair, and deliver healthier and fair-skinned babies. For post-natal health, consumption of Bird’s Nest gives the mother more energy, better sleep, and the feeling of vitality.


The early records of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are contained in the book, “shen non ben cao jing” (神本草) from the year 1695. In this book, bird’s nests were reported as mild, homogenous, and non-toxic food. The book also reports on the use of bird’s nests to treat internal organs like the lungs, heart, and stomach. In addition, Bird’s Nest is also used as food can reduce coughs, tiredness, etc. It also recommended that the nests could be consumed during the early stages of any disease.


Men also need to take care of their skin and complexion. Hence, consume bird’s nest regularly is actually beneficial for men’s skin to appear smoother and more radiant as bird’s nest is rich in protein and collagen, which is proven will improve skin complexion and quality. Moreover, the properties of bird’s nest also help to strengthen the nails, promote hair growth and improves joint health.


Consumption of bird’s nest can help to improve and maintain the condition of our internal organs. With healthy internal organs, we would be better protected against common health problems such as common illness ie: fever, cough and etc.