The good news is that Bird’s Nest is actually an excellent restorative food good for any age or gender. As we all know, consuming this supreme delicacy on a regular basis brings about many health benefits but you probably don’t know the exact benefits it brings about – because it was all probably a myth passed on by your elders, or something you have been consuming since you were young.

In this article, we have collected the various health benefits for different age group and genders. Now you will have a clearer idea of the benefits – instead of just consuming it for the sake of consuming. 


Bird’s Nest is rich in nutrients, and it brings about excellent effects for those who consume small quantities on a long-term basis. They include those beauty-conscious, health-conscious, pregnant ladies, children and the aged.

Bird’s Nest can:

  • Enhance cell-mediated immunity
  • Stimulate the regeneration of cells
  • Strengthens the heart functionality 4) Replenish strength and vital energy
  • Enhance the resistance of an individual to X-irradiated damage
  • Consumption of bird’s nest could also enhance nourishment of lung and helps to alleviate cough
  • Good for the digestion system as well as promoting effective anti-aging
  • Bird’s Nest is also known for its revitalizing effect and prolonging longevity


Improves metabolism rate, and frequent consumption will result in young, radiant and fairer skin. 


Bird’s nest is believed to have nourishing properties and generally regarded as safe for mothers-to-be to consume during pregnancy.  This will automatically enhance immune functions and complexion of the fetus and reduce physical discomfort of the mother. 


Consumption of Bird’s Nest on a regular basis will help speed up recovery after giving birth and restore beauty, energy, and radiance lost during pregnancy. It also aids in helping new mothers to enhance milk supply.


Bird’s nest is a good supplement for growing children. From a biological standpoint, it enhances the immune system, promotes brain and organ development, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients and improves the function of the lungs and kidneys. Regular consumption helps increase resistance to external environmental factors mainly because it contains proteins, amino acids, and minerals that are key to healthy development.


Regular consumption basically clears phlegm, strengthens lungs, kidneys, spleen and enhances appetite. Contains antioxidant benefits – essential to achieving anti-aging effects. Bird’s nest is also believed to speed up recovery from chronic illnesses ie Asthma and coughs.


Bird’s nest is actually an irreplaceable source for lungs nourishment. It also helps to clear phlegm and stops coughing. Extremely beneficial for smokers.


Now that you know the benefits of consuming Bird’s Nest regularly – it’s up to you to take advantage of the health benefits that they provide. Whether it’s for your own consumption or as a gift to your loved ones or someone special, Lunia Bird Nest will be able to provide you On-The-Go Bird’s Nest drink in sachet that is safe to drink on daily basis.

For better result, we recommend consuming Lunia bird’s nest once a day (30 sachet per box enough for 1 month consumption).