Swiftlet Bird Nest Hydropep Powder (SBNHP)

The traditional forms of consuming EBN is people would purchase the dried EBN and make it into bird nest soup. Generally in market, there are also readily available instant EBN in different concentrations sold in various packaging. The nutritional and medicinal properties of EBN are still limited; vary with the time of harvest, location and cooking process.

However for the advancement in food technology, Izzy Nezs introduced the 1st IN THE WORLD method/ discovery of converting 100% of the raw EBN and maintaining more than 85% of its nutrient into a ‘Bioactive EBN Hydro© Peptide Powder’, known as SWIFTLET BIRD NEST HYDROPEP POWDER. SWIFTLET BIRD NEST HYDROPEP POWDER is a natural food product, derived from 100% natural bird nest that is biotechnologically processed, optimized, designed and patented to extend shelf life and enhance the quality of this product, with more than 80% of soluble and bioavailable glycopeptides and oligopeptides. It can be used as a food ingredient, supplement or even cosmetic application.

This is a new food product innovation by Professor Dr. Abdul Salam Babji and his team from the Faculty of Science & Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in collaboration with Izzy Nezs Sdn Bhd.

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Benefits of SBNHP

As an additional food nutrient, both men and women of all ages can consume SWIFTLET BIRD NEST HYDROPEP POWDER. SWIFTLET BIRD NEST HYDROPEP POWDER is scientifically proven to be high in nutrient and absorption rate compared to the raw EBN, chicken soup or ginseng. Based on our research and findings, this powder is proven to be ANTI-OXIDANT, ANTI-HYPERTENSIVE and ANTI-DIABETIC.
When consume consistently, SWIFTLET BIRD NEST HYDROPEP POWDER has better nutrient comparing to raw EBN:

Test Result
Laboratory TestBioactive Edible Bird Nest HydroÒPeptide Raw Edible Bird Nest
Total Solubility0.92020.1517
Antioxidant Activity1) DPPH0.62250000000000010.2717
2) ABTS0.75249999999999990.293
3) FRAP0.520.0027
EC50898 ppm4,300 ppm
Antihypertensive ActivityACE-I0.86240000000000010.0688
EC500.02 gm
Blood Glucose Reduction (Antidiabetic Activity)0.20980.0287
EC500.3 gm
Hypoglymic activityCompare with standard (metformin) ebn hydrolysates showed sustainable longer hypoglycemic activity and do not cause severe hypoglycemia
Peptide Sequence1.   PFHPY
2.   LLGDP
Proximate AnalysisProtein0.667
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Nutritional Facts
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